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April 24, 2015

Apple on track to ship 20million iwatch ,analysts predicts higher sales than ipad

apple's iwatch goes on sales from today, expects 20million shipments
Morgan Stanley's projection  expects iwatch to do more than  250million  shipments after  9 quarters. Each  apple product has sold faster than the product that came before it. Morgan Stanley thinks that the iWatch will sell faster than the iPad.
Apple's first wearable gadget went on sale on Friday and for a change unlike any Apple product launch.. there was no  huge lines outside apple stores across Apple Europe and US. No cameras waiting to interview user who unboxed their first iwatch ..For Apple  this marks its entry its what is being seen as the biggest thing since the smartphone boom .. as  the  wearbles" aim to bridge the gap between   gadget and a human function

While Apple belives it would ship upwards of 20-26million iwatch this year.Apple's own supply vendors indicate their production is set   to ship 2million and more iwatc in the current quarter  Firms in the supply chain estimate Apple will ship 2 million watches per month in the current quarter, said one of the sources