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April 21, 2015

how to pitch your "start up" business plan in less than 10 slides

"the top points you need to create and pitch your business plan"

Pitching a business plan is not  easy. Summarizing your pitch in less than 10 slides is harder and the most daunting task  facing  a new start up. This infographic shows how to impress VC and fund managers with  8 point slide in the form of an infographic.Here are my  thumb rule  for pitching a business plan 
1) Make is short, attention spans are low for all of us, and for VC firms executives its lower, for obvious reasons.
2)create a visual representation instead of  using a ppt with words and arrows. Avoid jargons.
3) Is your start up creating new markets or fulfilling existing needs ?This is the most crucial element of  your business plan
4) Revenue model and scale are the two biggest obstacles why a start up flounders.. be realistic with numbers.