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April 1, 2015

Share of media spends in US, UK, China and Germany : digital vs mobile

Share of Ad Spending, by Channel

 Offline spend vs digital spends vs mobile spends : US, UK , China and Germany

Ad Spending by Channels (source: emarketer)

The above chart shows  traditional Ad Spending channels compared with digital  and mobile spend. (mobile spends as a part of digital spends). Media Spending across US , UK, Germany and China have been compared.

 US tops in digital spending, with  $50 billion out of which  almost $19 billion  is spent on mobile .Mobile spends as a percentage of digital spending is38%

China comes 2nd with  as Traditional marketing spends  tops $39billion,while digital spending reaches  $23.8 billion ,out of which mobile spends forms 29% with $7.36billion

UK stands out as the only country where traditional adspends is lower that digital spends.