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April 21, 2015

tech giants with the highest online advertisers: google has 4 million,facebook has 2million

"list of advertisers :google vs twitter vs facebook"


How do the tech giants square up in terms of its active advertiser base ?Comparing the growth in the number of online advertisers between FACEBOOK, GOOGLE AND TWITTER  reveals a few interesting stats

Facebook  reached a milestone of 2 million online advertisers in february this year This number represents a 33% increase compared with  what was reported in July 2014, and is up 100% on June 2013.

Meanwhile Macquarie Research estimates "Google's advertiser base to be  4 million" , although this number would probably be higher given the fact that "Google 's revenue model is based on  more direct advertising relationships" across the digital advertising space. Since google does not reveal  this data, its not possible to verify the data

Meanwhile last year Twitter had  60,000 advertisers .However this number should increase in 2015 as  Twitter has expanded its  self serve ads across 8 new geographical markets in Q4, and now has a presence across  28 countries