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April 22, 2015

Why does 40% of world's wealth is owned by 30 million people

Infographic: 32 Million People Control 41% of the World’s Wealth | Statista


If this chart gets you thinking.. consider  some more facts.If you look at the bottom of the pyramid with  total base of  3.2 billion consumers,this is where the biggest  piece of cake lies, this is where brands and marketers are investing their money on  with $7.3 trillion riding on these numbers

The latest gadgets, the latest ultra book,  the same iPhone .. but  hey its on the wrists ..and that curved LED TVs'  which dazzled you.. the same way you got  dazzled  by that ad which showed how "women would swoon on your after applying that deodorant, which you dint like anyway.. but then again  you went into  another dazzle-land and now again got  dazzled by that pretty looking sales girl and could not  just tell her no..!!!

This is where the market likes and its no secret  why the at the top, 32 million people control $98.7 trillion – that’s 41 percent of the world’s wealth.. While  3.2 billion people control a mere $7.3 trillion. This means that 3% of the total wealth  is managed by  68.7 percent of the world’s adult population