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May 30, 2015

Bridging infrastructure outsourcing : built in USA made in China

" global outsourcing of  US infrastructure"

The pace of monumental-scale infrastructure construction projects is  set to grow at unprecendented levels. According to WEF global infrastructure demand  is pegged at $4 trillion, more than 83% of global gross domestic product (GDP) is expected to be generated outside the US over the next five years. While insfrastructure outsourcing  is not new, it has picked up pace rapidly .The replacement of  San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridgewith  is an example of global, mega-infrastructure project outsourcing 

For this behemoth $7 billion project.  outsourcing was done at an amazing scale
1)Fabrication of the main structural steel was outsourced to China while  manufacturing  of the seisemic bearing was done by South Korea 
3)Japan forged the world’s first double-cable saddle, which sits atop a 525-foot tower built by the Chinese while england produced the main cables’ bands.  Meanwhile  US handled about 80% of the manufacturing.