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May 22, 2015

financial transactions done by mobile : argentina vs brazil

brazil vs argentina compared across mobile commerce"

"mobile payment index : brazil and argentina'


The chart compares the mobile commerce readiness  between the 2 countries and ranks them in terms of acceptability and preparedness  towards moving to " the mobile economy" ecosystem..Amongst a range of metrics  some of them has been outlined  in the above chart .. These 6  benchmark metrics were .1)consumer readiness 2)mobile clusters 3)environment 4)financial services 5)mobile infrastructure and  6)Regulatory issues

Overall Argentina is ranked 34th (last ) compared to Brazil's 16th rank

The 34 countries in the current Index achieved an average score of 33.2. No market reached a score of  50, which shows that the mobile commerce ecosystem has a lot of catchingup to do across the world