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May 2, 2015

state of the real time broadcasting market : Persicope vs Meerkat

"  who is leading the real time streaming  app market"
"comparison of periscope vs meerkat"

With live streaming being the major  big technology  for the masses, there's a lot of curiosity on how this technology works.And right in the centre of the battle between the now nascent real time broadcasting market lies mainly 2 big players .Pericope which was purchased by Twitter recently for $100million and Meerkat

Periscope and Meerkat both are a kind of mobile teleportation service. It let users livestream whatever was happening around them for anyone who wanted to watch. Instead of Youtube, where a viewing experience was passive,  Aps like these  are active and in real time broadcast , interact, engage where users could ask questions and interact in real time basis Real time broadcasting is not necessarily a new technology, but its finally become  easier and sustainable for ordinary users to use this tool to broadcasting themselves  in  accebile to the masses such a easy way

 The chart shows the the difference between these 2 apps.The major difference is Meerkat is just 13 weeks weeks into development, while periscope has been in the offing for a year now .