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May 27, 2015

these are the 3 things on which american consumers are spending the highest

" groceries, utilities and healthcare spends in US  more than ever


A majority of Americans, 55%, say they are spending more than they did last year on groceries, the area in which Americans continually report spending more.

Groceries (55% spending more), utilities (45%) and healthcare (43%) are among  the 3 categories in which the largest percentage of survey respondents have increased their spending compared to a year ago, according to Gallup.
Since last June, the top three categories with the highest percentages of consumers saying they are "spending more" (groceries, utilities and healthcare) have stayed in the top five

Meanwhile, the bottom categories in terms of increased spending are retirement investments (17%), consumer electronics (18%) and travel (19%), suggesting, per Gallup, that “Americans continue to spend more on things they need, but not on things they want.”