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May 25, 2015

Twitter cheat sheet : Tips and tweaks to use advanced search

" top 10 Twitter advanced search operators"

" twitter search operators"

"Twitter cheat sheet"
How do you search for a tweet within 5 miles of where you stay  ?,  How do you know if that  fine dining restaurants serves best seafood including  prawn  . Location operators include "near:" and "within:" — the latter sets the radius over which the search is performed

Near:London within:5 miles seafood + prawn

How many tweets are linking back to your website or to your 
competitors ? you can use the use the operator "filter:links" and to look for updates from a specific source

 For example if you wish to  know all the backlinks from your tweets, you  can the syntax "source:Twitterfeed" and replace  this link with the third-party app you're looking for, or "txt" to search only messages that came via SMS

What does twitter say about your brand? Is the sentiment negative or positive Its possible to study sentiments by using operators or even  smiles Looking for positive or negative attitude tweets can be invoked by simply using the smilies :) or :(.