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May 21, 2015

twitter rolls out new advertising model based on 6 performance metrics

"Twitter Rolls out New marketing Model  based on 6 performance metrics"
While Twitter last years started rolling out   objective based advertising  by giving some advertisers the ability to promote specific action like increasing their Twitter followers via a promoted tweet, app installs or increasing traffic for  which advertisers could pay only for the engagement they wanted.

However Today, Twitter today took  the the program out of beta, giving access to objective-based campaigns, reports and pricing to all advertisers globally and  added a few more performance metrics

The new model gives advertiser more options to pin point specific deliverable and pay for exactly what they wished to do.. "There are six objectives available: tweet engagements, website clicks or conversions, app installs or engagement, followers, leads and video views
Irrespective of what  what KPI's you measure for your success ,you  only pay for results