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June 5, 2015

2015 world start up report : 29 nations which belong to the UNICORN CLUB of internet companies

World Start up report : 2015

 What is the number of billionaire internet companies  these 29 nations have ?  The top 10 list is dominated apart from Google and Alibaba whose worth is ( 400 and 200 billion USD) the other 8 has valuations from 6billion to 50billion USD.

29 countries in the above chart have at least one Internet company worth $1 billion..This is the number of members who belong to the “Unicorn” club of Internet companies. Every country on this list has at least one $1B Internet company. Led by Google ($410 billion) and Alibaba Group ($200 billion). The other online companies including , Russian based search engine Yandex ($15.8 billion); Israel’s Checkpoint, the security software maker ($13.6 billion); search portal Naver in South Korea ($28 billion); and media company Naspers in South Africa ($46 billion). )

Europe has the smallest number of  among all the geographical nations