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June 2, 2015

Gamefly to launch online gaming platform on Amazon Fire TV

"Gamefly to launch online gaming platform  on Amazon Fire TV "
GameFly,  has acquired cloud-streaming  Israel based company Playcast. This will enable GameFly to build an online gaming platform similar to a  movie-streaming platform where people beam films and television shows from a centralized server right to their television sets

GameFly’s new tech will debut later this year exclusively on the Amazon Fire TV at launch by which it plans to later expand its digital-gaming solution on other devices as well as smart TVs.
The service, which should already be live in the Amazon Fire TV App Store, is made up entirely of PC ports of console games, meaning players will need a compatible Xbox-styled controller (such as the official Amazon Fire TV controller) to play them. To access the service's launch library of 35 games, users will have to try out an unorthodox subscription model: a series of game "packs" that users must subscribe to individually.