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June 4, 2015

Mobile internet usage in Austria, Germany and Switzerland compared

mobile internet usage in Austria Switzerlands and Germany

58%, 71%, 76% of respondents in Germany, Austria and Switzerland respectively, connected to the Internet through a mobile device.

50% of participants in Germany connected to the Internet through a smartphone as compared with 62% and 67% of the survey respondents in Austria and Switzerland, respectively

increasing usage of  netbooks and tablets  are being used for mobile Internet: 28% in Germany and around 35% in Austria and Switzerland 

Ttablets are more popular in Switzerland (26%) for mobile Internet use than in Germany and Austria (17% and 16%). 

 59% of men in Germany compared to 58% of women used mobile Internet; in Austria it was 76% of men vs. 66% of women; Switzerland (80% vs. 72%). 

 48% used mobile Internet for personal matters compared with 15% for work-related matters; Austria (59% vs. 22%); Switzerland (64% vs. 26%).