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June 4, 2015

The screen of our times ! global consumers bid adieu to TV and Print

"The screen of our times ! global consumes bid  adieu to  TV and Print "
2015 will mark the birthday of a new era as it marks the first time that consumers of media globally will spend more time online than watching TV.And to mark this historic shift this chart from economist takes a good long and hard look at our new digital screen3.0 

The TV is history just as newspapers have as magazines fly off our shelves to be replaced by the kindle editions.Welcome to the digital screen.The new media is the screens !! Screens that you can touch, pinch, roll,turn, twist and they are just a click away The lines between television and online content have been blurring for quite some time now .However today the transformation is complete . Consumers watch online content on their “smart” televisions, from their tablets and smartphones as they simultaneously watch and stream television shows on their mobile devices. Screens from which you can share, rate, review and tweet.

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