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June 9, 2015

The state of fintech investments in 2015

" funding to the  fintech start up companies"

Global Funding to the  financial technology  start ups have been booming this year. Almost 14billion USD has been invested  so far across the fintech industries , while  deal growth has grown by 14.41 in 2015, Q1

29 countries in the above chart have at least one Internet company worth $1 billion..This is the number of members who belong to the “Unicorn” club of Internet companies. Every country on this list has at least one $1B Internet company. Led by Google ($410 billion) and Alibaba Group ($200 billion). The other online companies including , Russian based search engine Yandex ($15.8 billion); Israel’s Checkpoint, the security software maker ($13.6 billion); search portal Naver in South Korea ($28 billion); and media company Naspers in South Africa ($46 billion). )

Europe has the smallest number of  among all the geographical nations