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June 14, 2015

the streaming of RTB Ad impression takes a mere 200miliiseconds

" RTB ad buying takes a mere 30 seconds"

Did you know that an Programmatic Real time Bidding takes just 30 seconds. The video below takes behind the scenes look in how this is done 

This  Real Time Bidding video  goes behind the scenes of how the  technology of RTB  ( real time bidding ) for the best ad rates works. The entire process of a publisher or a  ad network bidding for the keyword in real time via programmatic ad buy ins  takes a mind boggling mere 200 milliseconds

This video explains the life cycle of the programmatic RTB ad impression  right from the "time when the ad is showed up and how this is streamed across " media inventories" in real time as the best rates are bid in tandem by ad networks