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June 16, 2015

the top 10 richest footballers and their clubs

Real Madrid Team Value $3,263 Million as per 31st May,2015 

" the riches soccer club in the world with $3.2billion is Real Madrid"
From the beautiful game to the  Bountiful game . The 20 most valuable soccer franchises are worth almost an average of $1.16billion.  But do you know which soccer players are kicking at the top position in soccer in terms of their combined earnings from sports and endorsement fees ? This chart gives you a lowdown on the top 10 richest footballers and the football club they are affiliated to.

 With a pay cheque of $70.5million is salary and endorsements a year,   Argentina's gift to the soccer world Lionel Messi sitting lonely at the top with  just one footballers even daring to give him a slip amidst those roving Messi eyes as he pulls in awesome star power  and makes a lot of money with that. That one person hapenens to be Ronalda who  is the most richest footballer of the year with "$79million in salary and endorsements

1)Christina Ronaldo  :$79 million: Real Madrid
2)Lionel Messi: $70million : Barcelona
3)Zlatan Ibrahimovic: $41million: Paris st German
4)Gareth Bale : $34.9million: Real Madrid
5)Neymar: $31million: Barcelona
6)Radamel Falco :$31million:Machester United
7)Wayne Rooney:$25million :Mancheter United
8)James Rodriguez $25.4million :Real Madrid
9)Sergio Aguero:$25/3million : Machester City
10)Luis Suarez : $19.9million :Barcelona

 Whats interesting about this  data is that more than  320million USD  combined wealth which the top 10 footballers/soccer players together own are dominated by spanish football clubs, Barcelona ( 3) Real Madrid(3) Manchester United club ( 2) with Manchester city and  Paris St German one each