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June 11, 2015

united shoppers of china : 5 facts on Chinese e-shopping addiction

" the 5  statistics  of Chinese  online retail  shopping"

It would not be perhaps an exaggeration to say that " The revolution in Chinese online shopping" has been greater than"Mao's own people Revolution.The takeover of Chinese in the online shopping vertical has been so brutal,clinical  and  yet so one sided ..that even if you consider g8 countries as a nation, it would not be able to match the volumes nor revenues from Chinese online shopping .

Consider  these 5 facts on Chinese Online Shopping addiction 

  1. 16% of the digital products are sold online, compared to only 1% 5 years ago. Alibaba reported that customers on its retail sites spent $2 billion in the first hour of Singles Day in 2014 ( 11th nov is Singles day in China  (  like  Valentinesday)
  2.  Within 18 hours of Alibaba raked in $9.3 billion in online sales, four times the amount spent online during Cyber Monday in the U.S. (HuffingtonPost )
  3.  A recent research by Tmall  reveals that consumer electronics purchase  in China   has more or less gone online .During the last 2 years a) 16%  was purchase  in the store. b) 29%  had/ and will  buy from the retailers’ online shops •c)45% will buy/had bough from other online shops.
  4. An example to show how the above data was true  was that within 12 hours of singles day last year,Xiaomi had sold 720,000 phones and topped $163 million in sales.
  5. Chinese ecommerce market is set to reach $420billion  or $4.2trillion by 2020. 65% of chinese ecommerce sales comes from 266 chinese cities( McKinsey Chinese Etail revolution)