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July 17, 2015

10 companies that provided the best work-life balance

No 1 : Colgate 

No 2: wegman

No 3: ColdWell Banker

No 4 : HR Block

"google is best company with work life balance"

No 5 : Google

No 6 : Nokia

No 7 : Philips

"johnson and johnson"

No 8 : Johnson & Johnson

" best work life balance  is walt disney"

No 9 : Walt Disney

"Prudential financial "

No 10 : Prudential Financial

work life balance : While most companies pay lip service to the concept of work life balance. with a economic instability has icreased over the world, with it has increased the number of hours we are putting in . with deadlines looming large, the ability to deliver results has increased manifold . As the work works more hours

 To determine where someone who wants a challenging career and a thriving personal life might find an employer who shares those goals, Forbes turned to job search and company review site to identify some of the best companies for work-life balance. The 25 companies on this list come from a variety of industries and offer a wide range of careers. The above list shows the top 10 companies" that provides the best work life balance according to the employees of the respective organizatons