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July 10, 2015

3 datapoints used by UK business measure their social web ROI

" social media efforts measurement  linkedin vs Facebook"

Lessons in social web transformation : 3 ways to manage  social media better

For brands using multiple social networks, how do you calculate the ROI of each ? While  a few might differ on the metrics on which social network ROI is measured, By and large  these are  a few  benchmarks  on which the social media effectiveness is based 

1) time spent on the brand  page across social pages
2) referral traffic increase/ page views/ unique visitors
3)clickthroughs to visit the landing  page
4)Bounce rate ( users entering and existing from the same page)
5)increase in transactional depth ( likes, sharing or comment
6) Klout Score , which analyses  ranks and determines a  social media score which is given to each site and gives a ranking of the website's social friendliness.