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July 11, 2015

Top 10 biggest amazon's acquisitions in its history

"chart showing the Top 10 biggest amazon's acquisitions "

These are the The top 10 Amazon's Acquisition. 

In 2014 Amazon bough Twitch ( video gaming streaming website )or an estimated  $970million dollars . However for Amazon " Zappos the online shoe store was its biggest cue   as ' it stole the thunder from other competitors "zappos is known for its almost fanatical customer care  quality and attention to the smallest detail when it came to servicing its customers . Zappos has been amazon's most expensive buyout in the history of the company.

Some other Amazon buyout includes
 Kiva Systems, $775 million, warehouse robot systems in 2012., $645 million, online book marketplace in 1999
Quidsi, $545 million, online retailer in  2010.