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August 25, 2015

the 20 most innovative fintech companies

worlds Top 20 most Innovative Fintech Companies .

Global fintech financing has more than trebled in the past three years to an estimated US$3 billion annually – and the level of innovation in the financial services sector has been unprecedented over the past 12 months. The level of spend and intensity of  changes taking place across" financial technology "focus will – and already has – led to the development and release of products and solutions that will change the way customers view and interact with their financial services providers – forever.
This  global list of  the "most innovative companies in the world  that has been compiled  by KPMG along with AWI ventures  is based  extensively on  global research and analysis based on data  on specially 4  factors .1total capital raised • rate of capital raising • degree of sub industry disruption • degree of product, service, customer experience and business model innovation (a subjective ranking from each member of the judging panel).