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August 22, 2015

UK Fintech industry to exceed £20billion ,growing at 18%


"The UK  Fintech market is worth  £20bn  with a  18% growth rateThe UK  Fintech market is  worth c. £20bn in annual revenue which is growing at 18% presently. According the latest findings by  Ernst and Young ( summarized in chart above )  shows the state of the UK  Fintech market sizes across the 4 verticals

  1.  Payments  Space (c. £10bn), 
  2. Software (c. £4.2bn),
  3.  Data and Analytics (c. £3.8bn) and 
  4. Platforms (c. £2.0bn).
    Meanwhile the  highest growth areas  across Fintch industry has been across peer-to-peer platforms, online payments and the data and analytics products (credit reference, capital markets and insurance) which together represent . 60% of the sector.