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October 12, 2015

List of 10 iphone component suppliers which gets over 70% revenue from Apple

Apple's driving enormous profits for its suppliers. Apple outsources almost all its internal components and devices used for the manufacturing of its iphone from RAM,screens and power amplifiers.The below chart shows the list of top 10 Suppliers who gets its highest business from Apple.
s " list of apple suppliers for manufacturing the iphones"
These are the top device suppliers which helps apple makes its iphones The latest supplier to come on board include Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., the chip foundry that Apple is using to make processors that have long been provided by Samsung Electronics With the notable exception of the A5 processor, most of the components used to make the iPhone are also manufactured overseas, For component suppliers Apple is a huge catch as they vie together in a fiercely competitive market to get business from Apple.With $171 billion in sales in its last fiscal year -- on par with the gross domestic product of Vietnam -Apple plays kingmaker by picking who provides semiconductors, graphics processors and other parts, helping to determine the fate of companies from California to China.