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October 26, 2015

santa clara real estate foreclosure rates

At $826,000, Santa Clara County homes have the fourth-highest median sale price of all counties in California. Home values in Santa Clara County are expected to grow at 9.76%, which is on par with the rest of the counties in California, where prices are expected to rise 9.73% on average.

Home values in Santa Clara County are projected to rise by 9.8% over the coming year. With slowing down of the real estate market ,growth  too would be affected  as this forecasted growth is less than the 13.6% increase seen over the past 12 months.

 The Home Price Index (HPI) is a model designed to measure the relative change in average home prices within a given area over time. The forecasted HPI is solely an estimate and should not be viewed as a guaranteed predictor of future market condition