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October 28, 2015

top 20 global billion dollar ecommerce start ups by valuation

These are the top 20 global ecommerce start ups

Billion dollar ecommerce start ups h
"VC invested billion dollar ecommerce start ups"

" biggest ecommerce start ups by valuation"

source : WSJ

list of ecommerce start ups with valution above  1billion USD

The billion dollar ecommerce start ups is led by Indian Start up Flipkart which is valued at 15billion USD.The chinese group company Meituan  ranks second with a valuation of 7billion USD which is a group-buying website specializing in localized consumer services. Snapdeal another indian ecommerce start up  ranks third with a valuation of 5billion USD

Luxemberg based Global Fashion online ranks 4th, valued at $3.4billion. Chinese based online  apparel brand VANCL ranks 5th and is valued at $3billion.

Fanatics, based out of jacksonville, Florida is an online retailer of officially licensed sports merchandise ( which was acquired by Kynetic ranks 6th and is valued at $3billion