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October 12, 2015

what AOL vs NETFLIX showdown can teach technology companies

The chart represents a tale of 2 economies and how they have changed with the digital revolution ecosystem
The chart represents the showdown : NETFLIX vs AOL..It explains the rise of Netflix ' powered by " transformation of technology" which has has fueled its growth from 2.7 to 29 million subscribers in the span of just eight years, adapting and changing its business model from simply being a repository for content into a curator and now, creator, of original content

" how digital economy has changed AOL vs Netflix "

In just over a decade, AOL has gone from 27 million monthly subscribers to just 2.7 million.At the same time, Netflix's subscriber base has grown more than tenfold

The AOL vs Netflix chart reflects how the 2 economies have influenced media consumption over the last decade in the US Its a study of contrast in how these compared have undergone a revolution and how they have done , post the digital mobile web revolution.

. Although AOL and Netflix are two different businesses — AOL shifted from being an ISP to a media company and Netflix has shifted from being a pure rental service to a digital content network — it's clear that Netflix has done a much better job at moving with technology and adapting its business model moving forward