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January 2, 2016

3 wearable technologies set to be launched in 2016

The new set to wearable technologies set to make a splash in 2016 include Moto 360 Sport. Microost Holo Lens and a smarts swimwear wearable technology called  Xmetrics

" the biggest wearable technology disruption in 2016"
The next wave of wearable technologies is already set to be launched in 2016. Among the game changers in 2016  are

1)Moto 360 Sport  Watch :is already on sale in Europe, but will be released in the US in January. It’s only the second Android Wear smartwatch to include built-in GPS

2)Microsoft HoloLen' Among the latest trending wearable which has  garnered the highest attention is  "The HoloLens ‘augmented reality’  which is a headset caused quite a splash when it was first unveiled earlier this year. Despite not being on sale yet, it looks full of promise, and there’s set to be a developer version available during 2016 for a cool $3,000.

3)Xmetrics:This is the hottest  swimming wearable in what is otherwise  is a market without much innovation and  fairly tepid pool. Designed for pros and enthusiasts, it sits on the back of your head to minimise drag and measures a broader set of bio-mechanics including your heartbeat, pulse rate, calories and other features  than any other swimming wearable technology .