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January 7, 2016

nations with highest number of sexual partners : top 10 list

source : Statista

Global ranking of nations  with highest sexual partners

The art of making love might have originated in the  the land of Kama Sutra, however when it comes to the number of average sexual partners, Turkey is the country to make love with its population making love with more than 14 partners, as compared to 9 sexual partners as the  global lovemaking average.
The number 2 country with highest number of annual mating  happens to be our Aussie mate with an average  of 13 sex partners. As always if Aussies are their already ..can the kiwis be left behind ?

New Zealand ranks the 3rd place after Australia with almost the same number o sexual partners.
Americans meanwhile  have sex with 10.7 different people on average during their lifetime and ranks no  12. Canada ranks 11th and Switzerland ranks 10th
The UK ranks 18th havin an average of 9  partners in their lifetime