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January 9, 2016

top 10 technology brands with highest patents to its name

More than 300,000 utility patents were issued by the —United States Patent and Trademark Office in 2013 out which which 6788 patents was issued to IBM . The no 2 brand with highest patents to its name was Samsung electronics which had 4652 patents to its name
"technology companies having the highest number of patent to its name"

The global  top 10 patent holders :

In 2014 IBM was the first brand to surpass for the first time more than 7000 patents in a year with 7,534 followed by Samsung  which increased its tally to 4952

No  3 was Canon with 4055 patents to its name (Representative patent: "Focus Detection Apparatus" (US-8922703)
No 4 was Sony with 3,224  patents to its name (Representative patent: "Extensions to Trigger Parameters Table for Interactive Television" (US-8925016)
No 5 was Microsoft Corporation with 2,829  patents(Representative patent: "Automatic Batching of GUI-based Tasks" (US-8924329)  
no 6 was Toshiba with Patents earned: 2,608, followed by Qualcom with 2,590 and Google with 2566 patents last year (Changing a Rank of a Document by Applying a Rank Transition Function" (US-8924380)