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February 14, 2016

10 advanced Bing search operators


Along with Google,Bing also allows a host of  quick search  search operators  and hacks to derive the most relevant search result. These SERP results  are difficult to find with conventional search operators
Here are  the top 10 Bing Operators to makes your search easier and  find sites which  you probably cannot find even  in vertical or visual search engines To read the  entire Bing Search Operators. Click on the link below

Operator : linkfromdomain : find all pages  the given domain has links to 
SEO application : find the most relevant and popular sites  your competitor links

Operator : contains
SEO application : find pages linking to a specific document type ( pdf,xls,)
Example:contains:pdf seo

Operator IP :IP  restricted search, shows sites sharing the common IP
SEO application : Helps you find if  your inbound links, are  from sites  having the  same IP address
example :ip:

Operator : inbody:
SEO application : find pages that has most "relevant optimized body  text"
example :inbody:online marketing

Operator :Location:/loc:location specific search ,
SEO application:helpful during local search
example :seo loc :Austin

Operator :feed
SEO application : Finds keyword and narrows search results to terms contained in the feed
example : hasfeed:seo

Operator :hasfeed:
SEO application :narrows search results to pages linking to feeds which has necessary keywords