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February 7, 2016

10 tools for measuring the social media authority of your brand

10 tools for measuring your brands social  sentiment  metrix

 1)Postrank :great for tracking RSS feed content performace in the social media world

 2) One of the best tools for tracking urls and click through content along with the number of clicks from countries

 3) Radian 6 : One if the best known paid  social monitoring tool which  provides exhaustive research on social signals.Radian 6 is mostly geared towards the Enterprise market. Sentiment analysis, competitor tracking, number of clickthroughs with a break down of social media sites .

 4)Klout :A site that is mostly geared towards measuring metrics of your social media expertise. Can be used for measuing your personal social standing as well as your brands social media metrix. This score is extracted from a list of sites inlcuding facebooked, Linkedin , Tumblr, Twitter and many other social properties which you can given access to

 5)Backtype : a great tool for measuing metrix on social media , which was acquired by Twitter in 2011

 6)Socialmention; Enables google like alers, along with sentiment analysis from blogs, websites, forums and social media websites., offers several areas which you can measuring your social media

7)Converseon :impressive social media tool ,mostly geared towards the enterprise market like Radian.One of the highlights by which this tool stands out, is the ' hyman reviewed sentiment and social media analysis and classification

 8)Pagelever: Specially focused on tracking Facebook interactions including paid Facebook advertising and brand pages . Pagelever provides more depth and data than data that native insights functionality

9)Twittercounter: Tracks   twitter and number of retweets and mentions and clickthroughs

10)Socialbakers : A relative  new entrant. It is a paid tool which allows  tracking the social authority of your brand  across many social sites, along with cool analytics on follower overlap and OTS ( opportunities to see )

11) Simplymeasured :Offers  social reputation and  social sentiment reports via excel and pdf including datastream from twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin