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February 12, 2016

10 web sites to test market your start ups and business ideas online

If you have been thinking of a start up business model, which  is still under an ideation stage , and your not very sure of  the market accepting your idea, you would have probably shared your plan with your close business associates,colleagues and mentors and your not quite ready to approach VC's

B pitching your ideas and  test marketing  it online  at the right site is the evidence that your idea works if you see who is using it.By test marketing  your idea across  section of online users  would have  give you "a good evidence that you presented an idea online before you present it to the “ right people” Continue reading below

However " many users have asked me this  " how do you ensure these ideas not be stolen"
Whereas this might be a relevant question . Lets consider this

If all the ideas in this world was “aggregated shared and stolen.,we would not have had 90% of start ups that collapse in a year. If all stolen ideas were successful, we have had at least 100 companies like Apple who would roll out thousand of iPhone's, Around 50 search engines as good as  Google competing for the same market  and 95% of them would have been wiped out in a year 

The truth is that ideas may be dime a dozen, but what matters is execution and getting the right team. So dont be worried about “ someone stealing your ideas” 

Here are the list of 10 websites which will help you to test marketing your start up online 
  •  KICKSTARTER : help you  raise pitch venues, but are not intended to raise equity money from investors)
  • ANGELIST : (which are primarily effective for finishing an already in-progress financing round from friends of your existing investors)
  • GUST(which provides tools to manage your financing round and interface with potential investors, and is the official directory of most of the world's organized business angel investment groups.)
  • SEEDRS: One of the most promising London-based startup to watch  which have start up founders and VC's guiding you
  • BRAINEET:  A kind of social network and forum combined, Post your ideas which gets up votes or down votes along with feedback.
  • MARKETINGEXTREMIST.  A a good site to submit a startup  ( which can also be an app to a product). Users can comment  either through a private message or the public form
Some of the other in the list  which are   hybrid or forums resembling  online marketplaces  for testing  and providing  feedback on your start up ideas include