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February 15, 2016

5 linking tricks that search engines hates

The  5 linking tricks that search engine hates : Before you create your SEO strategy , you need to remember what are the linking guidelines which is preferred by Google and linking practices which are considered a very low quality by Google.We take a look at the best practices on creating organic links, identify how to look for quality links and how to understand if you unknowingly linked to a spam website
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WHICH SITES ARE  LINK SPAMS OR LINK FARMS  This is one of the most common and the biggest  mistake a site owner commits when you link your site to spam sites or link farms. You might do this unknowingly but the repercussions are huge and you might kiss goodbye to SEO for  the next 6 months to one year
Many webmaster falsely think that " any link  is good for your search rankings.However this thinking is flawed and completely the below linking guideline explains

1)What are link farms :Link farms happen when you link out to sites which might have a dozen other sites and interlinks them. Suppose a webmaster  asks you to link back to his sites , while he does the same. Now you  fall prey into a vicious cycle of interlinked sites which just link to others   and you do the same
This is a problem has this  webmaster might have 10 sites which originates  from  the same IP, which is easily picked  up by Google .Any search engine including  Google can  easily  find out i these sites have something of value to readers or has been created just to pass on the  link juice in order to rank better.By associating with such a site, you run the risk of being penalized or downgraded

2)  Not having relevant links :  Every site is based on 1) relevance , 2) Topical and 3) who links to you. A site on pet food  having links to  a movie review does not make sense. . Concentrate on your niche  topic and create relevant content , the relevant  backlinks will follow .

3) How to research for high quality and Relevant links : The best way to get the best links is to find your competitor links and soliciting for links from those sites . Finding the competitor sites is easy. All you have to do us use the operator in Google search ( replace competitor link with your domain
The reason  why  this will provide you non spam links is that Google has already penalized those sites and will not show those sites as they have stopped indexing them

4) Checking  the quality of your backlinks  and finding if your site has been marked as spam  There are many tools and sites which will help you to knowing   the quality of your backlinks  and check  your site and if they have been linking to  for spam

Backlink Sites/Tols

1 Yahoo site explorer  ( one of the best)
2)Majestic SEO tool

 Tools to check spam sites: There are many such sites that inform you if  your site link is  pointing to spam pages  or the quality of your  pages or  your link quality( However do not take them very seriously as , these are prone to error as they can only make an estimated guess)