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February 14, 2016

5 ways to check duplicate content in your website

DUPLICATE CONTENT :.Duplicate content is one of the major reasons  for sites which  otherwise having  done a good job with  offpage and onpage optimization often falter


1) among the first thing you must do to ensure your site does not have duplicate content is to make sure that the non www versions of your page 301 redirect to the www version or vice versa.
This is often know as canonical redirect. Also ensure that you dont have  a https : page that are duplicate of  your http: pages

2)The easiest way to do this is to take unique string of  your major content  pages on the site and search them in Google . Make sure  you enclose the  the string inside double quotes. example "keywords that  have the most CTR on Google " This will help you to know "if your site has a duplicate content pages

3) You can also use commands such as "allinurl" and"intitle". For example if you have  url's for pages that have distinct components to them .
For example "1968 mustang blue" or "10974567" ) You can search for these with the operator inurl  and see  if they return one page or more than one page. To see more click  on the image below or scroll down

4)Another duplicate content task to perform  is to see if each piece of content is available at only one url. This probably trips more commercial sites as compared to others.However is the same content is found on   different url's  or multiple ways, it forces the search engines  and users to choose which is the canonical version,which to link to and which to disregard,
 As each search spider comes with predefined size to crawl and with limited time., a duplicate content  slows the spider down, as its not sure which is the original and which is the genuine content

5)Tools for duplicate content checker :  You can also use some of the free or paid tools available in the market to check for duplicate content, however  dont reply too much them, they are merely indicative and not exhaustive.See the post on  top 10 duplicate content checker,