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February 21, 2016

Britain's top 10 best seller consumer electronics products in Amazon

Amazon's Kindle  Fire Stick, and Kindle Fire ( 7inch display with 8gb) along with Kindle paperwhite  6 inches, high resolution are among the higest selling products at UK Amazon.E

The Kindlle Fire TV stick has been UK's Amazon's best seller since the past 256 days, while The Kindle Fire has been the second most sought after gadget at number 2 for 184 days. Kindle stick overall has been the highest selling consumer electronic items online since the last 8 months on Amazon
The kindle stick allows Tens of thousands of TV episodes and movies, from Amazon Video, Netflix, BBC iPlayer and more, plus games, music and apps. 8 GB of storage and 1 GB of memory, plus a dual-core processor for fast streaming and smooth performance. 
However its not all good news for Tablet manufacturers SA new report published by IDC shows that worldwide tablet shipments have shrunk for the first time since 2010.