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February 12, 2016

how to measure the value of the link : 5 key metrics

one of the main asked question   is how to measure the value of a link. Among several factors,there are top 5 metrics which Google and Bing considers as holy grail.  Here are some important metrics to look at  to give you an idea  on measuring  link value ?

  • Linking Page Rank :Where does the linking page, rank for the term or phrase  you wish to rank for? If a webpage ranks no 1 for "  keyword" digital cameras below $100 across nevada" . This link is probably worth almost 10 times as compared to a link from sites that rank 20

  • Link Authority : A link from an authoritative site  is 10 times more worth as compared to just another site.For example if you have a news site, an inbound link  fom CNN is considered much more important than  just another  news site.
  • The number of links in a page . A link page which has 10 outbound links is worth more than a link page with 100 links.This happens  for the simple reason that every link passes on  the link juice to the site its linked to. A page having 100 links will need  to share  the link juice to 100 external sites, whereas  a site having 10 external links will be  sharing the link juice  only among 10 external sites 

  • Paid Links : Sites which has paid links, loses its ability and credibility  to share link juice, as most search engine crawlers now  are able to distinguish between paid links  and organic lnks . In addition Google may penalize a site  retroactively for buying links

  • Page Rank. Although the page rank factor has diminished over the years. Webmasters still cosiders the PR of the linking site . A PR of zero out of 10 might  mean either the site is new and google is yet to index or the site has been penalised. Read the 6th criteria below

 Inlinks  to the page or domain : It might be useful to check  the number of in links  for the  domain or a webpage  you wish to get a link from

While this criteria is not  a very important metric however a higher number of incoming  links for that page means that " the site " commands a leadership position in its niche and a gold standard  as compared to just any other site 4 -14 inbound links

 No Follow Links Be aware of "no follow" links. A" no follow" link means that google will not consider your "inbound  links  to pass on the link juice as  as the webmaster has instructed  crawlers   not to   treat the link as authoritative ,by using rel +"no follow"