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February 10, 2016

How to promote your start up online ? 3 ways to use google operators

promoting a start up us not easy, apart from press releases, and posting at across your online assets, including blogs and other start up forums .. Its hard to  find out ways to promote your site . However  there are ways to  get a lot of websites and submission directories where you can list your start ups.. To know the secret sauce, there are a few tricks and tips  which you can use to extract the most relevant websites click here

or use the combinations below

Method one : Use this combination on the google search page :

  1. allintitle:post your start up 
  2. allintitle:startup submissions
  3. allintext:list your startup

"How to promote  your start up online ? Google cheat sheet "

10  ways of using google operators to find the list of biggest sites for adding your start up

" tips and tricks on how to get 100 sites for start up Promotion
 The combinations of   search operator is an indication made to google " to crawl  the sites 
 having  the "Title as list your start ups." To get higher number of search results do not add the string" rather try making a broad search