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February 22, 2016

list of ad networks acquired by google ventures


"list of top 10  most expensive ad networks acquired by google"

So far Google has purchased 16 ad networks, which include online as well as mobile ad networks .Google's double click acquisition was the most expensive , followed by Admeld .

Google acquired  double click for  $3,100,000,000, while Admeld  was the  second most expensive advertising network  to be acquired by Google for  $400,000,000
Google's purchase of ad networks gives it enormous reach in display advertising . While AdSense network enables publishers to run relevant ads - including text, image,rich media and video ads

across their websites, The ad networks plays a different role .The ad networks  aggregates  a large number of ad networks (over 65 at last count, including more than half of the largest 20 networks in the US)  which competes in real time auction instead  of  using  historical data, or trying to negotiate prices upfront (usually at a discount). It chooses the highest value ad from these competing networks at each moment,

Google acquisition of ad networks integrated its  AdSense network to work with DoubleClick, Admeld , Invite media and other ad networks t help publishers  more precise metrics  which helps them to judge the effectiveness of their campaigns