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February 14, 2016

the 5 biggest server and hosting issues that affect search results

Thankfull  only a handful of search and server issues impact search optimization . However when overlooked they spiral into big problems  and hence its worthwhile to  understand hosting issues along with server problems that can negate the effect of a well optimized site

Here are among the biggest web hosting and server issues which impact search visibility

1)Server timeouts :if a search engine makes a request that isn't served within the bots limited  time, your pages might not be included even in the google index  and will without doubt rank poorly for your given keyword.( As no indexable content is found)

2)Slow response time : response time are extremely vital for your search visibilty as the  search crawlers will have tough time indexing your page.If the response time is low,, its less likely the spider will continue to wait for your site to open as  the crawlers come yo visit your site for minimum and limited time, and non failure to serve your pages during that time will negatively impact your site's seo

3)Shared IP address . Basic concerns are speed, potential of being linked to sites that originate from the same IP also implies that you are a part of link spam or a spammy neighborhood .

"the 5 biggest server and hosting issues  that affect search results"
How hosting and server issues affect search
4)Bot redirection and handling Some system admins and webmasters  goes overboard with protection and restricted action to files  if a single visitor makes more than certain  number of request in a given time frame.. This will only serve to constantly limit the spider's ability  to crawl and will effect your search ranking

5)Server geography : Though this is not a major issue with search, but search engine does consider the location of the sever in determining if the site's  content  is relevant  from  the local search perspective . According to Google around 40% of searches have a local search criteria in terms of search results