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February 24, 2016

these are vc firms with highest exposure across the fintech sector

The list of VC investors which the highest exposure across Fintech sector

  1. Google Ventures 
  2. Intel Capital 
  3. Citi Ventures 
  4. Mastercard wordwide 
  5. Funders Club 
  6.  American Express Ventures
  7.  Ebay 
  8. Cyberrentagent ventures 
  9. Renren
  10. Credit Saison
  11. Bitcon Shop 
  12. SK Telecom Ventures

    These listings does not include conventional financial  investors like Banks, Insurance firms and other financial services companies.The list shows VC firms that have been traditionally active across the Tech and IT services, which have recently started to invest across Fintech recently
    Google Ventures, is no 1 most active across the Fintech industry with investment across 25 start ups, followed by Intel Capital  with morethan 10 investments into the space

    Fintech Companies have started to grow big time after the 2008  financial market crash as as policymakers  started to concentrated on making finance safer.However apart from the regulatory spotlight, Fintech companies have  started to revolutionized the financial services with innovative products and services across such areas as mobile payments, online transactions , peer to  peer lending payments, big data, using technology to change financial alternatives.

    Goldman sachs estimate the worldwide fintech pie to be worth $4.7 trillion, with North America projected to reach $19.9 billion in 2017.
    According to  to  statista  around 29% investments across Fintech were in the banking &corporate finance space. Read about fintech start ups in Israel  more below after the click

  Apart from US, Israel is the next biggest and hottest market in the fintech ecosystem which has seen many start ups going on to become the leaders across fintech vertical Israel vased Actimize is the leader across the area of fraud prevention, FundTech in the area of transaction banking solutions, Retalix in the area of point-of-sale, Trusteer in the area of cybercrime prevention, Sapiens in the area of insuranc First, the fintech disrupters will cut costs and improve the quality of financial services. They are unburdened by regulators, legacy IT systems, branch networks—or the need to protect existing