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March 26, 2016

mobile first strategy :when to choose responsive web design


How do you choose your mobile content delivery platform for your mobile users :Traditionally marketers have 3 ways of doing this 1) Responsive web design, 2) dynamic serving 3)mobile website 

Because a desktop monitor and smartphone are different in size, designing on mobile implies that you have to do either of these 3 things 1) build a responsive design website that dynamically adjusts content from desktop format to mobile format

2) Use dynamic serving to make the mobile experience device specific and control how the mobile content is delivered and viewed page by page  3)Create separate mobile website specifically made for your mobile users

Planning your mobile content delivery platform: when to use responsive design, dynamic serving and mobile site

Option 1 :Responsive design :Responsive design is a web design technology that uses CSS ad series of coded rules to dynamically change and adjust the appearance of your desktop content so that it fits within the screen size parameters of different mobile devices.Currently, responsive design is the mobile-friendly configuration recommended by both Google and Bing. Responsive design uses java script and client side serving to alter the way the pages appears in the mobile or desktop browsers after the server has already loaded the page.The below is the  illustration how this works

 You can use responsive design for your mobile users if it fulfills these  three criteria's listed below 1)When you want a coherent and an integrated desktop and mobile experience.

"responsive design,dynamic serving or mobile website"

2)you have developed a strong desktop website that and have managed to built up a reputation in terms of page strength inbound links, unique content ,optimized for search engines and link equity, trust, and industry authority, and You want to pass on these factors to your mobile version of the page . In these cases responsive mobile sites benefit from shared indexing with desktop sites. No 3 (see below)

3) When you want your mobile users to follow a similar " page navigation, data flow and conversion metrics as they do in your desktop version.When you have limited development resources, which can make maintaining a custom mobile experience with custom content seem out of the question.The responsive web concept is also the best option when you want to manage the maintenance and search engine indexing of just one version of  site, and the seo benefit passes on to the mobile version of the site as well.