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August 4, 2016

3 explanations why creating microsites are the cardinal sins in seo

Search algorithms specifically favour large, authoritative websites that have a depth of information. This means that at any given day the bigger the site, the url that has the highest and the deepest content has the highest probability to appear in search results, as opposed to a small and  thinly spread out content in the form of a microsite . All search engines give more weightage to big  websites with deep pages  and broad pages with lot of content.This negates the reason of  creating new content as a microsite as it  is less helpful vs adding content across existent site
" microsite vs one website : whats the best way forward in seo"

 No matter how well you create your content, you can never replicate the “content “which is on your main website”. As your website is already being seen and indexed by  the the search engines as a website with a  huge reservoir of “quality content, trying to create another site with similar or a few unique content will not get you much traction. A multiple site strategy always split the benefits of the link: A single , quality  link pointing to a page on the main  domain positively influences the entire domain and all the pages associated with it . Because of this fact, it makes more sense if you can preserve a good link” or a new link which you get pointing to the same domain to help boost the rank and value of the pages on it .Also  a new site  will take  time  for  search engines to spider a site , and get ranked in search results. This impacts visibility of a brand on the web 

Additionally, it will take some time to appear in google results. .A clear cut content strategy is a must to create a new micros site notwithstanding, the reason not to develop the same. At times developing content for such a site is quite difficult . Having content or keyword targeted pages on other domains that don’t benefit in terms of content or backlinks is a action in futility.