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August 5, 2016

5 things to keep in mind while designing mobile ads

1. Avoid using an image that is long shot or has been shot too close up and use your brand colors in an solid background 2.Avoid using headline that is more than 60 characters, including spaces 3.Use  a call to action like  “click here “send a request ,get it touch. 4. If you’re a ecommerce retailers , then you might  want to showcase a new product, use words like explore our latest additions, 5. If your aim is to” acquire subscribers, your call to action can be “ join our mailing list”  likewise , you can use “ find a store nearest to you".Don't expect mobile users to spend time look for alphabets or  searching for drop down forms
" best practices in designing  mobile ads"

Best Practices in Mobile ad design

Best Practices in Call to action :The call to action should be just a one click away . Don’t force uses and take them to a page that is more than 1 or 2 click away Design your banner from left to right, or top to bottom as the highest visibility of a human eyes starts from the left side and scrolls vertically. Ideally your call to action should be at the bottom or lower right corner . Avoid heavy and too dense landing page with too many words.For most mobile users, their attention is more focused on images rather than text. Highlight “what you think is the core product proposition 

Avoid heavy animated and flash.. At times the internet connectivity is not strong enough to support fancy banners and flash. While designing the ad banners, use minimum file size .Instead of making users go round and round clicking on hyperlinks, use “ catalogue of products or connect with us .Avoid making the form fields to large. Users hesitate to fill up large drawn out form fields