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August 2, 2016

how blackberry founders sabotaged their first tablet "playbook"

By the spring of 2010, when the iPad was sweeping across the world ,Mike Lazaridis was swept with the urgency to keep up with the tablet craze .The smartphone maker initially  tinkered with the possibility of producing a handheld computer larger that the PDA nut smaller than a PC. However it decided to  launch a 7 inches screen tablet.As the  iPad threatened RIM's  positioning and dominance of its enterprise wireless hand held wireless market, it had to react to iPad. 
With the purchase of   technology company, RIM had a secret weapon, QNX. The QNX OS specialty was creating microkernels , which was a building block of OS ,but not the complete OS . However it  wasn’t efficient on the battery front, which was one of blackberry’s core strength.Compounding the problems was the deadline which was set to the new Playbook launch. This mean that there wasn’t enough time to get the blackberry email on the playbook.For this the email application had to be rewritten as RIM wanted to provide one corporate email from both devices which meant that it also had to update its enterprise software which was deployed with over 25,000 of enterprise customers.Given the deadline to launch the tablet to take on iPad, this was impossible

The result was that Playbook’s customers also had to own the blackberry if they had to access corporate email, making the device as a accessory to blackberry, which was its Flagship device rather than a standalone tablet. What this  meant  for consumers  to access email at Playbook was perplexing .Among the series of  steps to access corporate email 1)They had to download a bridge software app to their devices.2)set up to pair with the smartphone to its playbook 3)Then users had to wait for several minutes for the bridged email box on their playbook to fill up with their blackberry smartphone email.This had to be repeated every time since the email box vanished from the playbook as soon as the connection was cut If the kept both the devices, bridged for long, the wireless activity drained very quickly

For consumer this was  ridiculous as  in comparison ,the ipad enabled user to access their personal as well as corporate email, at a touch of the screen .What was more perplexing was that “ why did RIM take these cumbersome steps, instead of just giving access to hotmail or Gmail In the book “ "Loosing the connection" which chronicles the fall of blackberry, author Sean Silcof , states that Mike Lazaridis was so enamored with the Bridge concept theta RIM dint bother to develop the capability in time for the launch As apposed to this,the ipad came with the email box. The fascination of the founders with technology without understanding consumers preferences sounded the final obituary of the company