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August 7, 2016

How samsung lost the opportunity of buying out android before google

Before Google bought andy Rubin’s android, Samsung missed a golden opportunity of buy out and acquire the Mobile OS Android. Reflecting on this Andy Rubin in Fred Vogelstein’s book on the "Dogfight ,how google and Apple went to war and started a revolution" looks back on the day, when he was supposed to give a presentation to Samsung’s headquarters in Seol and what could have changed the smartphone world.

" How samsung screwed up the chance of taking over Android"

"I walk into a boardroom with my 6 employees,where I was greeted with 20 people on the other side of the board room.. Like a military tribunal the Samsung CEO walks in and  then everyone  takes a seat .Samsung is known to be a extremely hierarchical organization".

During the first few seconds, everyone started at me blank, waiting for the CEO to signal the start of proceedings .Rubin says “ I started pitching the 15 slide presentation on how Android could shake up things in the marketplace. However I only saw blank faces and freezing looks that gaped at me, as the CEO constantly stared  back , almost ready to pounce on me.Once the presentation was over, I was greeted with pin drop silence, you could hear the whirring of the AC, and then what seemed like an hour, after 2 minutes.I heard whispers in Korean amongst the CEO and his deputies followed by another one minute of silence

After a while the CEO says" Are you dreaming ? You and your army of 6 people are going to do this ? Do you think you can invent such a thing. Which Phone maker will buy this ? This happened 2 weeks before Google bought Android.Then suddenly one fine day, Rubin says that his the phone rings and it was the Samsung Ceo on the other side  “ I demand that you immediately fly over to seol to discuss your very very interesting and revolutionary idea , which you presented us when you were in Seoul. To google’ credit, It did not take long enough for them to understand the the future of internet is going to be mobile.