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August 14, 2016

The lesser known history of Patent wars:Orginal Creators who faded into history

1)The number of patents in US 2010 numbers  was 315,000, in 2010 which rose to 577,000 in 2012.  By the time of apple and Samsung patent  went to war over the iPhone features,the typical wait for a patent decision rose from 25 months in 2000 to 33 months in 2012. One of the most controversial patent was the example of amazon’s buy now with 1 click button on few know that Amazon has patent on that feature "buy with 1 click" which means that no company or eCommerce firm can copy and use its feature unless it  pays a license fee to Amazon. One of the biggest companies that uses this feature and even pays a license fee to amazon is apple, which licensed it in 2000, for use in iTunes and app store 

2.) Similarly Alexander Graham bell and Elisha Grey fought for a decade on who had the rights to be called as an inventor of telephone. Both Grey and bell filed their patents to USTPO .On the same day, however Bell’s was the 5th application of the day, while Grey’s was thirty ninth.. The USTPO ignored the fact that “ Gray’s application required to be put on hold as to compare with Bell’s patent application. Despite over six hundred filed over the case, and what was an obvious oversight , the courts sided with Graham bell and he became the original founding father of “ Telephone “

3. The Wright brothers spend a decade defending their Patent that controlled the method of flight. This famous case brought against them by aviation pioneer Glen Curtis lasted over 4 years , however during the world war I, the US needed planes to go to war and ultimately forced its industry to pool its talent and create cross licensing agreements
4. Similarly the inventor of Laser, Gordon Gould was unfamiliar with the process of filings patents. By the time he applied for one,his ideas were already patented by physicist Charles Townes.Meanwhile Gould  spend next 30 years fighting in case against Charles to get legal rights for LASER.. This was so expensive that he ultimately spent 80% of his royalties in court costs