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August 17, 2016

the role of telecom in the android success story

The role of telecom carries in The Android success Story: After Android’s release Andy Rubin, designed a partnership that Was more carrier friendly than iphone, On both Apple and Android, developers make 70% of the revenue from selling the apps . But whereas apple takes the remaining 30%, while Android decided to give this away to the carriers. This was Google’s masterstroke, as carriers eventually got to benefit from every android activation and every aps sold. For carriers it also enabled them to use this money to and make the network more robust and powerful. For Google, if it wanted Android to be successful, This was a small price to pay for what “Android had in mind .

As the number of android handsets started to rise, consumers started to use ? Google’s search engine and YouTube, which meant more mobile traffic, which meant more ads, more advertisers signing up, which untimely lead to higher advertising revenue . From the time Andy Rubin conceptualised the android it was written, keeping in mind that the future of internet would be through mobile devices, while iPhone’s software was designed to require internet connections to PC, while Android was made with the assumption that everyone would be using their smartphone and smaller handheld as their primary internet and computing device