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August 4, 2016

why using flash content is seo unfriendly : 5 reasons

Although Google indexes flash content and follow links since 2008 onwards, the fact remains that Google or for that matter any search engine cannot read what is written within the flash files . We take a look at 5 reasons why using Flash content in your website is considered not fully seo friendly. The most crucial problems with Flash are the missing SEO features: Anchor texts, H,-H2. Tags, bold , strong tags,, alt image attributes even title pages are not very simple to execute in Flash.Developing flash with seo factors in mind is more difficult than doing it in HTML.  

 1)Different content is not on different urls:This is the same problem you have with Ajax related pages. If you have unique frames, movies within movies that appear to be on complete unique portions on the flash site, but there is no way to link them to individual elements 


 2)The text breakdown is not clean : Google can index the output files in the .swf to see words and phrases, but in flash, a lot of the text inside is not clean,h1> or <p>. It is jumbled into half phrases for graphical effects and often the output is in a incorrect order. Worse still are text effects that often require breaking words apart into individual letters to animate them. 

 3)Flash gets embedded ; A lot of flash content is only linked to other flash content,wrapped inside the shell flash pages This line of inks where no other intenal or external urls are refrencing the interior content , leads to documents with very low page rank, as the links juice fails to get transferred Even if it manages to stay in the main index , they probably wont rank for anything  

"why Flash should be avoided "

4)Flash does not learnt external links like HTML : A all flash site may get large number of links to the homepage, but the interior page always suffer. When webmasters implement links to embeddable Flash. They normaly point to the html host page , rather than any interior pages withing the Flash